Do you want to create an up-to-date nail design? So then, read this article to know which colors and materials to use. We have looked through the fashion weeks and collected the most popular ideas for you.

How to look trendier? Make a manicure, which is fashionable in this season. If you do not know which textures and colors are chosen by designers, or you want to find inspiration – read this article.

Oval Shape

Before speaking about the color, it is necessary to tell you about the shape. Forget about square or sharp nails, the oval shape is a must-have now. So when you make manicure next time, change the direction of a file.

Short Nails

Instagram photos show long nails with extraordinary patterns and crazy colors, but short nails are still trendy. They look more natural and give more freedom in movements. Therefore, there is no risk to break such nails or to tear up new tights.

Transparent Covering

It is the best variant for those who do not have much time. When one uses a transparent base, there is no risk to make a mistake – all clothes and shoes suit your nail design. The most important thing is to use nail products of high quality. That is why we recommend looking at rubber base Komilfo. Using this base, you will get a durable manicure.

Nude Color

Continuing the natural theme, we recommend paying attention to pink and beige colors, which are similar to your skin tone. The mentioned rubber base is represented in these colors too, so check it out.


Making manicure with loud words or statements is a new trend. Say everything you think to the world by writing it on your nails.

And, of course, be creative and afraid of nothing!