ICO Catalog collects everything one should know about cryptocurrency. Up-to-date ratings and charts, clear information about popular tokens, and other details are available there.

Do you want to become an expert in cryptocurrency? Then, you should probably visit the ICO Catalog. It’s a website where one will find the information about different sides of crypto. Their articles will help to make the right choices. Let’s look at what they have.

Information for investors

The rating displayed on the main page is a great thing for those who want to compare different altcoins and find the most profitable variants. There are more than 250 names. All tokens are estimated in numbers, so it’s easy to tell the difference. After reading the articles, potential investors will know how to buy ico, which wallet to choose, and how to become anonymous earning on ICO.

Information for ICO makers

There are also many things ICO makers should know. First of all, there’s a special form which one may fill in and publish new coins on the website. The authors also post some articles in which it becomes clear how to create a good Whitepaper, what a high-quality promoting video is, and which things are important in the beginning.

The advantages of ICO Catalog

– The website uses different information for estimation: users’ reviews, experts’ opinion, and developers’ data.

– There’s an ICO calendar which is updated every day. Using it, one may understand when it’s the right moment for investment.

– It’s the only service which takes a number of backlinks into account.