The way you will use push notifications depends on your business goals. Marketers from different spheres, from media to organizers of trips and events, use this tool for retargeting, cross-selling, and holding promotions. Push notifications are a great tool to increase sales.

Increasing sales with push notifications

The push advertising network offers advanced functionality to increase sales, profits, and brand awareness. Let’s consider the examples and figures.


Business often faces the problem of returning visitors to the site. Especially those who did not leave a contact such as a phone number or email and after visiting the site becomes unavailable for further communication. Remarketing techniques for more than 20 years have been solving the problem and with the help of the campaigns return the visitor to the site. Web push ads eliminate one of the main problems of implementing remarketing – the purchase of advertising space. Marketers no longer need to wait for the user to see the banner and go to their site again. They can reach the subscriber at any time.

Content marketing

Push notifications can be equally useful for another strategy – content marketing. Useful reviews, tips, case studies, etc. constitute the lion’s share of the marketing activities of many companies, especially B2B services. The new channel of communication not only dilutes the usual posts in social networks but also leads the client directly to the right page of your site at the right time. In addition, in recent times, the mechanics of gaming, polling, and voting have also been used in the push technologies – to build trust with loyal subscribers and communicate in a more interactive format.

Involvement and retention

Via push messages, you can also work on the formation of a loyal customer. When the base is already formed, marketers concentrate their efforts on retaining the customer and encouraging repeated purchases. For this, it is not necessary to seek, buy or develop a new loyalty program. Notifications include personalized or seasonal discounts, report the appearance of goods in the store, and even congratulate customers on their birthday.

Content for brand recognition

For many users, the click-through rate is not so important. In return, due to the specifics of the activity, they are more interested in increasing the brand recognition. This is especially true for internet media. Push notifications are not subject to the rules of advertising blockers, Facebook content controllers, and other restrictions on communication with the client. Internet publishers are happy to use the notification channel – it’s easy to configure, manage, and receive relevant statistics.