HCG diet is a special program to become slim. If you ask such questions as “How to lose weight fast?” or “Is it safe to eat only 500 calories a day?” this diet is for you!

Nowadays the vast majority of people are concerned about obesity. Let’s describe one of the weight losing helpers and observe why it is special. HCG super diet – welcome!

What is HCG and how can it help to lose weight?

HCG is a special hormone that our body creates. Usually, a person doesn’t have much. And the mentioned diet is based on utilizing this hormone. It helps to burn fats and while you do exercising you lose weight. So there’s a diet which consists of taking HCG, eating special meals and doing exercises.

The steps of HCG

The diet from hcgbestdiet.com has four steps. The loading step lasts only two days and you are allowed to eat absolutely everything! Then there is the core step. You consume only 500 calories per day. The best timing on this step is nearly a month. Then you go to step three – maintenance. Five days you continue to stick to the second step and then you start increasing the portions till 1500 calories. And finally, the stabilizing step. There you can start going back to your normal daily eating.

HCG – safe and legal

This diet is reliable because you use the hormones that are produced by your own body. And it is legal to buy HCG – all you need is a prescription. Sure, there are companies in other countries that can sell you the hormones without it but they are just not safe.

To sum up, we should admit that this new diet is very cozy and fast for those who really would like to become thin.