You’ve lost a lot of money if you didn’t use Mineralt or another service like this. Website miners bring crypto for every visitor depending on the CPU power. For example, if your website is visited by 1 000 000 people, they stay there for about 4 minutes and the max load of CPU is 60%, you earn more than $430 monthly. Thinking about how much could you earn? Don’t worry, you can start mining now.

Easy to become a user

Fortunately, to get a passive income you need only to register and to integrate the code to the existing one. Set all information and numbers and the mining will start.

How to get money?

There are many ways of making a payout, the most popular are Webmoney, Paypal and credit cards. The minimum payout is about $4 (0,03 XMR). It’ll be paid 4-5 times a week every 24 hours. The way you get the coins depends on your preferences, the service offers Sumokoin, Monero, Electroneum and Nicehash. But the specific feature of Mineralt is that it predicts the most profitable crypto but there’s always a choice.

Is it safe?

This way of earning is absolutely legit, you don’t rob anything. But, of course, you suppose that Mineralt will be blocked by anti-viruses and Adblock. The developers have solved this problem and now there are not so many programs that block the service.

As you see, there are no real obstacles to earning more. Start mining today and increase your monthly income by a few clicks.